A    B    O    U    T

One common denominator shared by the members of Old Cons is being big fans of The Reducers once voted "Best Unsigned Band in America" by CMJ.  In fact Old Cons drummer, Bill Dumas, produced a feature documentary film about The Reducers oddly enough titled: "The Reducers: America's Best Unsigned Band."  


Bassist, Jes Farnsworth is the nephew of Reducer's bassist, Steve Kaika, who passed away several years ago thus ending a 30+ year run of the band.  Not long ago Jes was guitarist for Jason Newsted Band (former bassist of Metallica) from the beginning to the end of that band's whirlwind run.   Jes also performed with his own band Backstabbers of Fresno, CA.


OC guitarist Tim Stawarz formerly played with Roger C. Reale who often double billed with The Reducers back in the 80s.  Tim went on to play in the critically acclaimed power trio, Motive 8.  He currently performs with Chris MacKay and the Toneshifters.


Bill Dumas also fronts his solo project, Blonde Furniture, and plays drums for another 80's New London ensemble, The Whales.  He splits his time between the east coast and LA where he strives and starves as a film writer/producer/director and actor.